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Ericson Solar

We were the first Solar Contractor in El Dorado County and our many years of experience is available for your benefit. We build and install a variety of pole-mount and roof-mount solar arrays to insure a modest fixed cost of electricity for your business or your home into the future. Oil based energy costs continue to rise and its related pollution is of growing concern. Both government and the public are starting to realize that we need a clean renewable source of energy.

People can take advantage of the federal tax credit supporting solar energy installations.


Check out our Portfolio pages to see examples of our work. See what an experienced solar contractor can do for you!


We are committed to our customers. We take pride on our workmanship and stand behind it. If there is ever an issue, we will be there promptly to make the repair and get you back to producing power as soon as possible. You will never be transferred from person to person to resolve your issue.

Our Quality Guarantee

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