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Our Services

Types of Work performed by Ericson Solar;  Photovoltaic solar, ground fixed mount,  ground top of pole mount,  roof mount and carport residential, small commercial, custom carports to provide power or water pumping for your home or business.



Being family owned and a relatively small company, we
take our time to do the best quality workmanship. We have always focused on high quality rather than high volume.

Everyone that works with Ericson Solar is bound to practice very precise and thought out methods of installation and the work is always double checked. These practices make for systems that run for as long as possible with the fewest possible problems. We
always welcome our work to be discussed with previous customers or viewed in person.


Design is crucial to the overall power production and payback on a Photovoltaic System. These two are intertwined. It is not the price of a system as it is the ratio of price to the production of a system. It is critical to get ones investment back on every dollar spent. IE,

A roof mount system in the shade may have a lower price tag per watt than a ground mount in the sun while the one in the Sun will pay back much faster and
be a better investment. The choice and quality of system components also makes a difference in production.

As a rule Ericson Solar always uses recent if not the absolute newest products on the market as to capture the ever increasing gains in efficiency. We do not stock warehouses of which we have old products to move.



Ericson Solar takes each job seriously and spends ample time with each customer to inform and educate people so they can make the best decision to recoup
their investment in the shortest time period. We discuss subjects such as shade, azimuth and mounting angle and how they effect a systems output. 


We always give an honest assessment of a potential Solar Site and come from a position of integrity. Not all locations make a good investment for Solar and we
will be the first to disclose this if be. If there is any good Sites on your property we will certainly find them.

Water Pumping

Solar Water Pumping both residential and commercial.Solar Water Pumping, the most efficient and cost effective method to pump ground water does not require the grid or batteries.

Now capable of pulling up to 90gmp from your wells, these systems can likely handle your Commercial Farming efforts with ease as well as smaller residential applications. Consult us to see how we can fulfill your requirements with these systems.

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